The Bowline Knot

Best knot ever. The Bowline knot. Use this knot for climbing, hoisting, catching, tightening, saving, hanging, zip-lining, to name a few.

As a rock climber I love tying knots. I grew up with rope and have always enjoyed learning about rope characteristics, rope etiquette, and how to tie knots. One of my favorite knots is the Bowline knot. The Bowline is famous. Rock climbers use it, Army Rangers use it, Navy Seals use it, and folks who just need a sturdy knot use it.

Why a Bowline Knot?

A Bowline knot can be used for many different applications. Often, the Bowline is used to anchor the end of a line. For example, if you want to build a rope bridge across a moving body of water you can tie a Bowline knot, as an anchor, on one end of the shore and then tie a pulley knot on the other end to get a tight line to use for safety. Bowline knots can be used for any application that requires a non-slipping knot.

How to tie a Bowline knot.

To get started first wrap your line around a fixed object and form a loop around the working end.

Next, take a bight of rope from the working end and place it through the loop made above.

Take the tale of the rope and put it through the bight that was just formed.

Now start pulling the working line and flip the loop closest to you. It will start to form.

Continue to tighten up the working load and tale. A knot has been born!

Nice job! When trusting this knot with your life always use a barrel knot for backup.

This knot can also form a slip knot or lasso. It’s called a running bowline.

Look at you, you knotty thing!

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