Python script to check stock prices for nerds who invest

Programming in Python is great. By watching a few YouTube videos one can learn Python in a short amount of time. Python is versatile from scheduling an automated joke in Twitter, to hosting a website, to providing Air Traffic Management and Public Safety & Transport. Python is used in both personal and professional applications.

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Me again…

We all do it. We have projects that come and go, that slip away or stay with us forever.

This is a new project. I’ve had at least 100 different types of web hosting platforms or frameworks that I use to showcase my work from time to time. The flavor of this weeks project is WordPress on a Raspberry Pi. Easy to use, simple to maintain, and hackable! 🙂

This blog helps me record the projects that I’m working on and the cool things I find on the web. If you’re lucky you may even get some cat pictures!