How to Extract Emails From an Outlook Distribution Group

On one of my recent projects, I had to compare active users against an Outlook distribution group. Talk about a nightmare! I’m not an Exchange admin so I couldn’t quickly export the group as a CSV and extract the required information.

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Python Script to Auto Like a Tweet

Have you ever been exhausted by liking so many peoples tweets that you’ve wondered if there is a better and faster way? Well now you can create a Python script to auto like a tweet based on multiple Twitter accounts. Give your thumb a break and learn how to code today!

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I recently finished reading a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Overall it was a fast read full of personal stories and interesting ideas.

If you haven’t guessed by the title, this book covers finances and how to generate passive income. The author dives right in with personal stories of his upbringing and funny ideas of how he thought he could make money as a child. Throughout his childhood he is mentored by his friend’s father (Rich Dad) who owns a few businesses and provides the author knowledge on how to make money work for him.

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Knowledge Base Added

New! I’ve created a knowledge base section on the website to provide a faster way to find content and answer questions that come up while discussing blog posts or other related material.

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The knowledge base combines my different passions and subjects of study to quickly share content with you!

Stay tuned for the ability to subscribe to the knowledge base directly to receive email updates when new articles are released!

The Benefits of Thinking Critically

I hope that when I write about critical thinking skills that people don’t confuse thinking critically with being a critical person. I believe that a smart, honest, friendly person can have excellent critical thinking skills as I also believe that a critical person may not have an ounce of common sense.

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The Clove Hitch

Alright y’all. Time for another post on how to use a hard working hitch out in the field. By field I don’t just mean rock climbing. This hitch is used in sailing, makeshift fences, holding heavy loads, and leashing a dog. The Clove hitch is often considered one of the most important knots and can be tied faster than reading this paragraph.

Ready. Set. Learn!

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Python script to check stock prices for nerds who invest

Programming in Python is great. By watching a few YouTube videos one can learn Python in a short amount of time. Python is versatile from scheduling an automated joke in Twitter, to hosting a website, to providing Air Traffic Management and Public Safety & Transport. Python is used in both personal and professional applications.

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